Photo du 2015-04-23 à 09.25 PMWhether at the beginning or during the realization of a project or a dream, I sometimes have difficulty trusting that, yes it will work without any guarantee in return. It is a challenge to let go of the urge and desire to control all aspects of a project (how will I do it, when, with what resources…) and just accept to trust; you know, like if I could have absolute assurance that everything will be fine, and that I will succeed.

To me, there is no magic formula that will ensure that everything will work just right. I’m tired of seeing people selling sham and dreams by saying that everything is easy! I say “no” to this lack of depth. And no, I am not a pessimist; I’m just realistic and authentic.

The Bigger Game BoardOn the road for almost a year, aboard of “Merci la vie” (our 40 feet RV), I am currently facing a period of questioning – in fact, I’m on the “Evaluation” square of the “Bigger Game” board. I try to evaluate, without hitting myself on the head, where I am professionally. Here are the recurring questions that come to mind;



Recently, I met a person on the road who has allow me to see a little clearer and especially, who has revived my confidence – here is the story of Gaye;

Gaye, a woman of nearly 70 years, with stars in her eyes, was stretching on her yoga mat at the Slidell Cross Gates Center in New Orleans. When I asked her if I could settle down next to her, we started talking … and we finished after the class sipping a smoothie.

I was curious about what she remembered from Hurricane Katrina that struck the region; there are exactly ten years. She shared her story very simply. Especially her “letting go” in regards to Katrina, because she lost everything in the hurricane. Gaye told me exactly how it happened: Her house sunken in 12 feet of water, her daughter missing during several days, her neighbourhood under water, no food for several days, no gas to leave the town, having to take a bath in the city pool, part of her family who had also lost their homes, blown away by the strong winds, use of an air conditioner hose to suck up gas off a generator…

Then I asked her what was the most difficult to let go; and she said “my memories, my pictures, and most importantly, my kitchen – where I used to receive all my loved ones and where my deep roots were because I was born in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)”.


I finally asked what allowed her to really let go? Gaye simply said it was to let go and trust without knowing what can happen; to be brave and to believe that love is stronger than anything. She told me how the community of NOLA was tightly knitted during the hurricane – people were helping each other without looking at the color of their skin, or their social status. And she also told me how important it was for her to gather her family before everything else and how all her material belongings were no more important to her.

Today Gaye is happy and at peace. She relocated with the little she had, in a tidy little house in Slidell, and volunteers to serve her community.

Upon leaving, she asked me in return, what brought me there. I told her that I had sold everything, and with my spouse, we were now living aboard an RV while working and traveling. She smiled and told me how lucky and courageous I was. I said: “Yes, and more than that Gaye; you help me realize that I was very lucky to have been able to choose to let go of my goods, while you have not chosen Katrina, and despite everything, with your courage, your love… you did restart from scratch!”

Gaye smiled and gave me a hug and wished me a great success on the road.

What resonates with me today, and that I try to apply, is her last words;

“Use your courage without moderation because it will pull you forward. Think you’re bigger than you already are and tell yourself that you do not know what will happen tomorrow, so keep hoping and moving forward without guarantee. ”

Photo-du-2015-01-12-à-01.56-PMI like the life we chose on board of “Merci la vie” – no regrets, because we have grown so much since last year especially with regards to cultivating simplicity and do more with less. I know there will be something that will find me on the road and I trust that my passion, my love of people and my boldness to want to play bigger, will leave marks everywhere I go!

There is no way I will turn down the volume of my raison d’être, which invites you to jump in the life that you really want without a net!

What do you think? I’m looking forward to reading your comments!