The authentic leader creates value by influencing and serving others, and by being fully aware and responsible of his words and impacts.

When we take full advantage of our natural talents and abilities, we gain access to powerful resources for solving the challenges we face. In this sense, leadership is a choice, not a birthright, and it starts with one’s willingness to take responsibility for their life and how they are showing up in the world.
The co-active leadership model is designed so that you can discover, deepen, and build on your natural strengths as a leader while being able to identify your limiting beliefs. Strengthen your impact with communication tools, new skills and strategic experiences.


Here are three leadership components that I propose, which target the individual, the entrepreneur or a team;

Authentic Leader

The authentic leader constantly adjusts his body, heart and mind so he is resilient, creative, collaborative and open. He becomes responsible for his impacts.

  • Mindfulness of the leader: Body presence and connection. Your natural strengths, core values, saboteurs. Feminine and masculine leadership traits.  360e degree feedback. Challenges. 
  • The heart of the leader – emotional muscle training: Intuition, curiosity, listening. Becoming aware of the space around you. 
  • The essence of the leader; The “why”. The “raison d’être”. Vision – Mission.
  • Leader relations: Effective communication- Theory of the boxes (Anatomy of peace). Alignment in difficult conversations. Clearing and sharing assumptions.  Practicing appreciation. Collaboration. Responsible for your words.
  • Leader actions: Have a stake. Conscious choices,  sustainable actions. Innovation. Creating value. Expected impacts and results. Leave your mark, your legacy.

Business Strategies

Strategic planning is about formulating concrete objectives aligned with your corporate culture, and adopting the appropriate tactics to achieve them.

  • Define your company’s personality: Company culture is a key element for success. It defines the values, beliefs and behaviors that determine how teams interact with each other and with customers.
  • Analyze existing strategies, practices and the market.
  • Identify business challenges and strengths
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Formulating and implementing strategies: Developing the goals, and the tactics (plans) needed to achieve them.
  • Collaborate with motivated and committed teams for a successful mission and optimize profitability.

Create a world of difference with motivated and committed teams to a successful mission!

Bigger Game

Bigger Game, in formula of two days or introduction of 3h, creates a commitment, generates innovation, aligns players to express their reason d’être, calls collaboration and put you in action to play bigger. Discover how each square of the Bigger Game Board relates to you and your Bigger Game.

Play your Bigger Game

  • Since 2001, the Bigger Game has caught the eye of Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, professional and individual organizations around the world. The Bigger Game has proven to be life changing for players around the world. By truly embrace the Game Board, it will be for you too. This training is challenging, interactive, and fun. At times you’ll experience thrill and excitement — all at the same time. We call this the GULP.
  • During the Bigger Game training, each of the 9 components of the board are revealed: Comfort Zones, Hunger, Compelling Purpose, Assess, Bold Action, GULP, Sustainability, Allies, and Investment. Each section of the board are explored through a combination of presentation, videos, experiential exercises, and small group interactions.
  • The Outcomes – Upon completion of this workshop, you and/or your team will:
    Have a full understanding of the Bigger Game Board and its concepts. Know how to use Bigger Game as a reference tool for creating a fulfilling life. Discover how each square of the Bigger Game Board relates to you and your Bigger Game. Declare a “working title” for your own Bigger Game. Discover your compelling purpose — what are you about! Begin to make a “doing/action” plan. Have the clear ability to look at the Bigger Game Board, and know what is needed next. And finally, Move from stuck to action!

Maximize the strengths of your teams

  • Via – Know your greatest strengths.
  • 360 Reach – Get feedback.
  • DISC – Deepen your understanding of yourself and others.
  • Working Genius – Discover your gifts. Transform your life, your work, your team.

Team Talk

TeamTalk Game – Are you ready to experience powerful moments of openness and connection with your team? The game to finally have the conversations that you never had, but always wanted to have with your colleagues. Available in both physical and virtual formats.

Team Talk

Play the Game TeamTalk

  • A team without trust and engagement is like a ship without a sail: it is bound for nowhere!
  • The TeamTalk game was created by HUBU: to foster more conversations that establish trust and inspire engagement.
  • Allow people to be heard and seen
  • Generate meaningful team conversations