vXjVd0Vu0MXRZnga7wEnHIIhO5BDo you remember the movie “Groundhog Day”, which tells the story of a weatherman who relives February 2nd, day after day, until he gives a real meaning to his life?

I think that every beginnings of the year look like this film. Each time, we start by making resolutions and a list of objectives-goals, we engage in all kind of stuff, we make an evaluation and review of the past year, or rather we do nothing. And, year after year, after a while, our level of commitment is slowly fading and the stuff we so much wanted to do fall through the cracks.

I write about “groundhog” because I too fell into this trap and I must remind myself that nothing will change if I do not allow it to happen. I also need to ask myself the question: why is it such a challenge to stay on course towards meeting my commitments? Is it because of a lack of conviction? Too much to do? Disillusionment? Do I feel it is too big or that I will not get there?

Why not dare to do something different this year? Here are five steps that will allow you to la-vita-e-bella-dvd-754x1024turn “Groundhog Day” into “Life is beautiful”!

  1. Focus on you
  2. Write or record your story before the new year takes place
  3. Commit yourself authentically
  4. Stay the course!
  5. Celebrate yourself regularly
  1. Turn the spotlight on you, because after all, you are the author-creator of your life. Take time to reflect in a quiet place and have paper / post-it and pencils with you to note your answers. Look yourself in the white of the eyes in a caring way and identify:
  • Your five greatest strengths that you deploy regularly (ex: leadership, empathy, persistence, courage, creativity ….)
  • Five core values that you honor as often as possible (ex: family, friendship, freedom, sharing …)
  • A top 5 of your qualities
  • Three false beliefs (self-sabotage / obstacles) that inhibit your impulses
  • A short term goal (next 3 months) and one long term (1 year) both professionally and personally
  • A list of allies who will support you, help you, motivate you and inspire you over the year
  • A passion or an unfulfilled dream – what is the life you really dream – allow yourself to dream big!
  • A phrase that describes who you are now and another one that describes you as you would like to become in the future
  1. Project yourself to December 31 and write your story for the new year in an abridged version (1-5 pages) – because we all have a story to tell, don’t we?
  • Again, choose a quiet and inspiring place and have ready your material to write or plumerecord your story (paper, booklet, pencils, stickers, images or audio equipment …)
  • Have you all your author notes nearby (strengths, values, top qualities …)
  • To inspire you, imagine if in 20 years you hear a speech about you, what do you hear?
  • Write your story by starting with “I”
  • Tell your story from your heart and not from your head …
  • Do your best and do not forget that less is more
  1. Commit for real with yourself
  • Decide that you will not bullshit yourself. Be authentic with yourself and others
  • Regularly revisit why you are doing such a project, rather than focusing on the how or the what …
  • Visualize your “Future self”
  • Make a “check-in” everyday with you: how is your energy level from 0 to 10, to what will you say yes to and what will you let go today … what will you allow for?
  1. Stay the course …
  • How do your daily decisions and actions line up with the story you tell? Do you move away or do you get closer to your story …
  • Make an alliance with your allies to define the support you will need during your year
  • Seal your story (2) in an envelope (or USB key), put your name, address and affix a stamp. Give the envelope to two of your allies, with the mention to post you later that envelope: one in three months, and the other in 6 months.
  1. Celebrate yourself regularly!
  • All small steps count, do not wait that your project ends before celebrating
  • Insert small notes on your calendar (week-months) to remind you that you deserve to take care of yourself
  • Keep it simple – a little nothing will make you smile.

By projecting yourself in the future and visualizing your entire year, you will be able to easily make adjustments throughout the year. You will see more clearly, your projects will be alive and, more importantly, you will see that it is achievable!

IMG_1055Look well ahead and especially with the eyes of your heart, because you will see that your light illuminates the path ahead and allows you to create the life you really want. Love, health, happiness and authenticity.

Happy New Year – Christine xxx

I invite you to share your story on the blog … because it only takes a story to inspire another!