For many, the summer brings us to slow our pace, go on vacation, make unplanned getaways or just being happy with feet in the water. Already the end of the month of August which brings with it, the resumption of regular activities; back to school, traffic on the roads, more busy schedule for the job …

Ever feel like you’ve lost sight of your career goals? That you lack focus, procrastinate about the smallest things and feel disconnected from your job?

IMG_8007I work for more than two years aboard “Merci la vie,” a 40 ‘motorhome . Whether from my micro office inside, or under the awning outside, I am fortunate to be surrounded by enchanting panoramas and meet lots of people on my road. In fact, for me, I always live to the rhythms of the summer. Some of my friends tell me; “Christine, you must be always motivated, connected and inspired by what you live. “Yes, and nevertheless, it also happens that I feel unmotivated. My body and mind give me also their alarm signals: lack of stimulation and energy, my thoughts go in many direction simultaneously, my backpain come back , more conversations with my saboteurs, I just go around in circles again, I swim countercurrent.

With time, I know realize more quickly these signals. I find it useful to take a time out to ask myself where I’m going and at the same time re-energize myself. And very often it is the little things that I put forward that stimulate me to resume my journey with good energy and sometimes change the direction of my GPS.

Initiate small changes is sometimes all it takes to get your second wind and find your bearings at work. Nothing complicated, just simple, easy things that you can easily fit into your schedule, a sort of jump-start to get you back on track!

Here’s what works for me;Dandelion

  1. Quickly block a time in your agenda to take a pause and take stock.
  • Take a walk, do some gardening, sit and contemplate … to empty your head
  • Did you know that taking deep breaths can give you more energy? Breathe in slowly through your nose, inflating your stomach like a balloon, hold for three seconds then slowly exhale through your mouth. Do this for two minutes. Inhaling more and exhaling less actually oxygenates your blood and gives you more energy! Do this as often as you like during the day.
  1. Update and energize your workspace. Add more life to it by putting up inspiring pictures, affirmations, drawings or quotes. And while you’re at it, make sure that the things you use all the time are easily accessible, get rid of all the junk, and treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Creating an attractive, organized workspace is like telling your brain that you’re in control!
  1. Connect with your WOW moments (proud, joy moments). Have you ever noticed that simply thinking about the things that make you happy can inspire you?projet leadership 2
  • Identify your WOWmoments: vacations, outings with friends, volunteer work, your kids, projects you’ve accomplished, challenges you’ve overcome…
  • Make a list of the values, strengths, talents and qualities that are brought out in your during those times.
  • Think about what you get out of those times, what gives you the greatest sense of pride, and find a way to use that energy to reinvigorate your life.
  • I like to have a picture in my workspace that represents one of these magic moments
  1. Take 30 minutes to think about what you’d like to do by the end of the year. If you already have specific goals, revisit them and commit to them for the next three months. Answering the following questions may help:
  • What can you no longer tolerate and need to change?
  • What would you most regret not doing by the end of the year?
  • What are your top three work priorities for the rest of 2016?
  • What could you do this week to bring you closer to your goals?
  1. Shake up your daily routine.intentions_72
  • What can you stop doing to make room for something new?
  • What would you like to change to shake up your routine?
  • What new ritual would you like to start?
  • Some ideas: When you wake-up, write your intention or meditate for 15 minutes. Try a new type of tea or brand of coffee. Take a snack and get out and breathe a little fresh air. Manage differently your time allocated to social networks. Get in 30 minutes of exercise every day to release tension Turn off your electronic devices and let them in another room or, at least, put them somewhere out of sight.
  1. Manage your energy, not your time. If you take a moment to think about it, you’ll probably notice that you’re more productive during certain times of the day. For example, my creative energy is higher in the morning, so I use this time of day to write, do coaching my clients.
  1. Call or meet a friend to talk and break the isolation. Nothing better than to share, be seen and heard to see more clearly.



Trust your heart,

it will naturally beat to its own pace.