You are at the right place if you have decided to make changes in your life, saying NO to the status quo, or you want to jump in a crazy dream with no safety net. All without knowing why, when and how.

My intention is to help you to focus on what lightsyou up while maximizing your strengths and resources to achieve outstanding results in your professional and personal lives.

A process of co-creation will help you clarify your thoughts & articulate your ideas to make informed choices while being equipped to take action to achieve your goals, projects & your wildest dreams!

Do you recognize yourself ?

Are you at a point in your life where you are putting on the brakes by saying NO to the status quo? Are you seeking clarity about what you really want in life? Are you wishing to invest in yourself and step out of your comfort zones? Are you feeling stuck? Are you a solo-entrepreneur, a manager, a creative genius, a leader?

What to expect?

My clients, who engage in 180 Degree U-turn, learn to see the difficulties they face and the opportunities that are available to them through new perspectives. They improve their cognitive and decision-making skills and communicate with openness, vulnerability and strength. My clients achieve positive results by fully realizing themselves in reaching significant goals.

Are you seeking answers to?

Defining a clear vision and see your situation from a different angle? Clarifying your priorities, achieving  professional and personal goals faster and with greater ease? Facing your challenges / changes & taking action? Realizing concrete results and expecting to create positive impacts? Jumping into your dreams? Sharing your talents, your adventures, your story? Undertake a 180 Degree U-turn?

My offer to you!

A two-hours discovery session (by Skype or phone). Psychometric strengths questionnaire VIA ® survey. Reach ™ 360e feedback’s exercise. Between one to three “180 Degree U-turn” sessions per month (Skype or phone for a total of 120 min.). Introspections, requests, challenges, and above all support for your dreams. Periodic review and measurement of your goals. Access to my toolbox.



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